By contacting AMII and its members, you can be confident that you will be dealing with one of the leading organisations in the health and wellbeing industry.

AMII members are independent and impartial, not tied to any one insurer or provider, and will take the hard work out of researching the market for you. They are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which ensures they are competent and regulated in accordance with UK law. You can therefore be sure you are dealing with the very best professionals.

Our members are committed to maintaining and raising standards, as well as providing impartial advice on a whole range of health, wellbeing and protection products and services.

AMII members work closely with a broad range of providers to offer competitive premiums and products, some of which may not be available direct from the insurers.

With a wealth of products in the market, it can be difficult comparing one product with the next. AMII experts are committed to finding the right policy whether it is just for you, you and your family or your company and its employees.  

AMII is not just about selling insurance and related services - we also want to help if things do go wrong. As health, wellbeing and protection experts we can help you with your query - simply visit our Ask an Expert page.  We are accustomed to dealing with any protection queries you may have, technical or sensitive.